CAP-IT CRI Administrative Core

Steven Lipkin, MD, PhD
Director of the Weill-Cornell Program in Mendelian Genetics
Director of the Adult and Cancer Genetics Clinic
Vice Chair for Basic and Translational Research in the Department of Medicine



Under the leadership of Dr. Steven Lipkin, the CAP-IT CRI Administrative Core is dedicated to ensuring that research project and core teams maintain focus on the overarching goal of the CAP-IT program: identifying and validating immunologically targeted agents for precision prevention of individuals with increased cancer risk.

The Administrative Core will efficiently handle administrative functions that could otherwise act as rate-limiting bottlenecks, such as ensuring IRB/IACUC regulatory compliance and establishing MTA/DTAs between multiple project sites.

The Administrative Core will facilitate the integration of CAP-IT CRI into the CAP-IT network, fostering both intra-network and international collaborations.

Additionally, the Administrative Core will ensure the seamless integration of genomic databases and emerging technologies, such as liponanoparticle RNA vaccines and immunopeptidomics, as shared resources with the CAP-IT DRCC.