CAP-IT CRI Computational Tumor Immunology Core (CTIC)

Derin Keskin, PhD
Lead Immunologist
Translational Immuno-Genomics Laboratory




Led by Dr. Derin Kesin, the Computational Tumor Immunology Core (CTIC) will provide CAP-IT CRI researchers with state-of-the-art computational genomic, tumor immunology, immunopeptidomic, and spatial genomic services to support research projects for immunoprevention of patients with a. Lynch syndrome (LS; Project 1), b. lung cancer non- solid nodule (NSN), pre-malignant neoplasms (Project 2), and c. any new CAP-IT projects that are subsequently approved by the CAP-IT program.


CTIC investigators include accomplished leaders in computational cancer genetics, tumor immunology, single-cell profiling, and spatial genomics. We have significant experience with all proposed analyses to be performed. As the CTIC areas of focus are dynamic and rapidly evolving, we anticipate incorporating new technologies and computational strategies as they develop to help drive Projects 1 and 2. The CTIC will successfully delineate LNP RNA immunoprevention and immune interception vaccines for LS and NSN patients and provide necessary shared resources for the CAP-IT, network-wide.