CAP-IT Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC)

An urgent need exists to develop better strategies for the prevention of cancer in high-risk subjects. The goal of the FCCC CAP-IT Center is to effectively coordinate the development of efficacious molecularly targeted agents for precision cancer prevention and early interception in populations at high risk for cancer and have a significant impact on reducing the burden of cancer among those at highest risk of disease.

All studies in FCCC CAP-IT Center are facilitated by the unique resources of the FCCC Risk Assessment Program.

A comprehensive pipeline is proposed that consists of three well-developed research domains:

Aim 1: Target validation.

Aim 2: Agent identification and screening.

Aim 3: Pilot in vivo efficacy studies.

The center proposed two projects that collectively address the above aims.

The Principal Investigator of the CAP-IT FCCC Center is Dr. Margie Clapper. She currently serves as the CAP-IT Steering Committee Chair (2023-2024).


Margie L. Clapper, PhD
Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Chair in Cancer Prevention


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