CAP-IT MGUS Administrative Core

Yong Li, PhD
Medicine - Epidemiology & Population Science
Baylor College of Medicine



The Administrative Core (BCM, UAMS & Duke) led by Dr. Yong Li from BCM, provides administrative, scientific, fiscal, and logistical oversight over the whole CAP-IT MGUS.

The Administrative Core also provides clerical support, coordinate interactions between the Informatics Core and Research Projects, and organize regular investigator meetings inside and outside the CAP-IT MGUS. It will bridge the research activities within the CAP-IT MGUS and the NCI CAP-IT program officials to promote collaboration, ensure that the CAP-IT MGUS’s work contributes effectively to issues relevant to the CAP-IT mandates, and maximize dissemination and application of the program's research findings.

Primary objectives:

  • Manage and communicate the research activities within the CAP-IT MGUS.

  • Promote collaborations on MGUS prevention and interception between the Research Projects and the Bioinformatics Core within the CAP-IT MGUS and collaborations between the Center members and outside investigators.

  • Organize annual meetings and other network activities.

  • Conduct effective and contextually appropriate outreach.

  • Evaluate existing Research Projects and develop new ones.